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Flushing, Flowering and Fruiting in Cashew

Flushing in Cashew

(a) Only flushing is observed while there is no yield. What is the reason for this?

(b) Some trees flush profusely but won't flower. Why?

This type of variation is observed in the plantations which are established with seedling progenies or the plants may be suffering due to poor soil fertility and lack of moisture in the soil. This problem will not be seen in the plantations established with grafts following recommended package of practices.

(a) How many scions can be collected from one tree?

The number of scions available from one cashew plant in the scion bank is as follows:

 Years after planting No. of scions/plant
 2 15-20
 3 40-50
 4 80-100
 5 120-150
 6 More than 150