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Cashew Demonstration Plot

This Directorate initiated the programme of laying out Demonstration plots on improved Cashew Production Technology in farmers fields as part of the Institute Extension Programme since 1987.  Demonstrations on recent cashew varieties, improved package of practices, high density orcharding and intercropping with other crops were taken up in such plots to demonstrate the technologies in farmers fields and to get proper feed back on the technologies which were given to farmers.  So far more than 150 such demonstration plots were established in different parts of Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state.

An area ranging from 1 acre to 2.5 Acres was covered under different technologies in various plots.  The financial assistance for the initial establishment of orchards and maintenance of orchard for subsequent 2 years was provided to the farmers by the Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development (DCCD), Government of India, Cochin under area expansion programme or National Horticulture Mission.  The Demonstration plots established under high density planting system (with spacing of 6m x 4m) with varieties such as Ullal-3, Bhaskara and Vengurla-4  have shown superior performance in terms of nut yield.  The plots with 416 plants have yielded more than 2200 kg of raw nuts per  Acre during 2010 (7th year of orchard life) during the year of very low yield in general.

Field days organized in such demonstration plots evoked very good response from cashew farmers of the region.  Several farmers have come forward to take up such plots on seeing the results.  Thus it was found that demonstration plots on improved cashew technologies are the most effective means of convincing about the new cashew technologies / varieties to the cashew farmers.