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Special Equipments

This Directorate has excellent laboratory facilities in the field of Biochemistry, Plant Breeding, Biotechnology (Tissue Culture), Soil Science, Agronomy, Horticulture and Entomology. In the main laboratory and adjoining buildings at Puttur all the laboratories including Biotechnology, Biocontrol and Post-harvest technology are located except the Entomology laboratory which is presently located at the Experimental Station, Shantigodu. The following are the equipments / instruments available for the scientists to carry our their research projects.

  • High Speed ultra centrifuge

  • Refrigerated centrifuge

  • Laboratory centrifuge

  • Deep freezer (1 No.)

  • Vaccum oven

  • Vaccum pump

  • Ultra cryostat insulating water bath

  • Hot air ovens (3 Nos.)

  • Chromatography oven

  • Disc Electrophoretic equipment

  • Mettler precision / Analytical balance

  • Top loading balance

  • LKB H.P.L.C. Unit

  • Deioniser

  • Rotary shaker (Remi)

  • Horizontal Arm shaker

  • Nikon Binocular Research (Microscope with camera & photographic attachments)

  • Wild zoom stereo microscope with camera and photographic attachment

  • Rotary microtome with accessories

  • Growth chambers / environmental chamber with control for temperature, light, humidity and CO2

  • Cooling incubator (Remi)

  • BOD incubator.